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   I stopped by a church here in Round Rock, which is pastored by a 
friend of mine. He wasn't there but I chatted with his secretary for a
moment. As I was leaving, I noticed a new sign on his door that simply
said "9 to 5."  
   "Is that Dick's office hours?" I asked the secretary​​​​. "My, No," she laughed, "that means during the summer the odds are 9 to 5 that he'll be in this morning."
   It is certainly good to have some time away from our jobs or homes.
Shirley and I decided to take some time off. We took an anniversary trip to Yellowstone National Park by way of Garden of the Gods and Mount Rushmore. We had a great time in the Northwest and traveled over 4,000 miles.
   The Fourth Commandment reads​​​, "You shall keep the 
Sabbath." Yes
that means we should reserve one day a week for rest. But in a real sense, it is in harmony with other Biblical passages​ that also indicate the need to have blocks of time set aside for refreshment. God knows the pressures and stresses with which we live. It is a "built-in"  part of His creation of this world that we have recreation.   (re-creation)
   Therefore, do not feel guilty when you do nothing -----
it is your Father's will​.  I know it  is hard for us workaholics---but it is true.  We can be better parents, friends, workers and Christians if we will relax this summer.  This way we will be ready for the "busy-ness" of the fall and winter.  So with August dawning upon us, this may be the last chance you have to get away from it all.  Head to the river. It is hot!
   I am back from vacation and "it" was all here waiting for us. We are again up to our neck in grandkids, organizations and FPC Llano.
   I hope you get that last needed rest before the fall program begins. If this summer is any indication, this should be one very busy fall.​​  I will be teaching a Bible course of the Book of Revelations.  Keep the Presbyterian Church of Llano in your prayers.

Yours in Christ,  Don